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Homemade Little Sweeties Baby ~ Toy Doll from Sock

Needlework video tutorial for beginners and not just how to make a homemade soft toy doll at home from old things for Toddlers. The process itself is quite simple and does not require special knowledge and skills.

Homemade Little Sweeties Baby ~ Toy Doll from Sock

Give joy to your little ones by creating DIY crafts. Learn new things yourself, share your knowledge with beginners. Come up with something new and don't stop there. Your family will be happy!

To make a Sweeties Baby Doll from Sock, we need:

1. Pair of socks (solid and colored)
2. Thread and needle
3. Marker
4. Sintepon or other filler
5. Black beads (for eyes)
6. Yarn (doll hair)

This video is about making a cute doll with your own hands. Watch it!

This example of crafts is a visual aid, and not a call to clearly follow what you see. Get creative and change methods and materials as you see fit. In this example, I would change the face of the doll. Repulsive. Simplify tasks. All in all an excellent guide to the principle of creation.
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