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Soft toy girl in a dress ~ Plush toy from a sock

Master class on sewing soft toys for kids. This handmade craft will be an exclusive gift to your friends. Ease of creation from scrap materials. Even a child without experience in cutting and sewing can cope.

Soft toy girl in a dress ~ Plush toy from a sock

A homemade doll is advantageously different from a purchased one in that it meets the requirements and tasks facing a particular child. Your baby will get exactly what he wants. Yellow dress? No problems! Red hair? Yes please!

To make a soft toy from sock, we need:

1. Colored socks
2. Thread with a needle
3. Scissors
4. Sintepon, cotton wool, fluff
5. Woolen yarn (thick thread) for hairstyle
6. Organza or any lightweight fabric (for a skirt)
7. Elastic fabric for the sash belt

In this video tutorial, we comprehend the basics of needlework from simple materials.Watch it!

It's so easy and simple! This video will drag out the process a bit. And some moments of execution can be simplified. But overall a great guide for beginners and experienced DIYers at home.
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