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Amazing Craft Ideas from One Toilet Roll

Learn how to create homemade toys or home crafts from a cardboard tube. This recycled material is found in every home. The most versatile material for creativity. Unpretentious and safe. And most importantly, there is always a lot of it!

Amazing Craft Ideas from One Toilet Roll

How often does it occur to you what to do with the cardboard tube from the toilet paper roll? Throw it out? Do not hurry! Below you will find out how to give him a second DIY life for the benefit of your family and interior.

In this video we are making an elephant. Only a cardboard tube from a roll and nothing else. Without paints and additional elements. Watch it!

A wonderful craft. Applique only. But she doesn't look very good. Rather, it is an example of the possibility of the material. Let's add colors and additional elements and immediately our craft takes on cute features and is suitable as a toy for toddlers with educational function for recognizing toy animals.

In this video we make 9 animals with paper rolls:

1. Rabbit or Bunny
2. Teddy bear
3. Chanterelle (Fox)
4. Piglet
5. Baby elephant
6. Frog
7. Crocodile
8. Snake
9. Monkey

In this video, colorful crafts from a cardboard roll of toilet paper for toddlers. Watch it!

And this is not the limit of the possibilities of the wonderful recycled material, which is the cardboard tube from the toilet paper roll. Its application is simply limitless and will serve perfectly for any purpose.
You can do amazing things for yourself:

1. Painting brush (for the implementation of the most daring decisions of your ideas and fantasies)
2. Make flowers (great winter rose bouquet)
3. Do-it-yourself gorgeous bracelets and baubles
4. Decor elements for your home
5. Handmade children's pencil case for girls (for pencils and other knickknacks)
6. Phone Holder
7. Night lamp (for sweet dreams)
8. DIY Christmas decorations
9. Phone Holder with Speaker (so everyone can hear your favorite music)
10. Homemade party poppers (paint any event with a palette of colors)
And much more ...

See how all these lovely things you can easily make from a simple cardboard tube.

Like this! There is no limit to perfection and flight of imagination. If you want to do something with your own hands. You can always learn easily with simple video tutorials. Peace to you and your family!
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