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7 Anti-stress Toys ~ Handmade Craft Ideas

Video tutorial on how to make simple fidget toys with your own hands for adults and children. These easy crafts help you think, bring calmness and just keep your hands busy with interesting combinations of movements.

7 Anti-stress Toys ~ Handmade Craft Ideas

The case when you want to press, wrinkle and click. Movement in the hands is required. On the nerves or just to pass the time. When you want to think and go deeply into yourself. An anti-stress toy is always at hand! The process of creating crafts from scrap materials also perfectly leads to calmness.

What anti-stress (fidget) toys can you make yourself?

1. Click watermelon seeds
2. Kaleidoscope of funny cubes
3. antistress pea pod balls
4. Lego cube (buttons)
5. Fidget pen
6. Antistress soft ball
7. Endless rotation (paper craft)

This video instruction on how to easy make useful things from scrap materials at home. Watch it!

Why spend money on fun for yourself and your kids? A little imagination and desire to spend 10 minutes and get amazing DIY crafts.
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